Last month, GN just finished another set of a solids control system for a client from Australia, the system is designed for a small rig with requested total storage capacity of 400BBL, for Water Based Mud. The order was confirmed in late November and project is planned to be started in Australia in March. Client was surprised by GN’s quick responses during communication and high efficiency in fabrication.

GN 400BBL mud system for Australia

This solids control is combined by 3 parts:

1. Shale shaker tank. This tank is mainly for the separation work, including a mud distributor for receiving mud from the rig and 2 shale shakers for separation. Shaker model is GNZS703E, each with 3 pieces of composite material frame screens. That is the best seller shale shaker of among all GN shaker models.

2. Storage tank. On this tank, there are 4 sets of agitators, with model GNJBQ075D. And this tank is divided into 2 compartments, connected by balance valves and overflow pipe. The mixing pump could suck mud from each compartment of this tank.

3. Jet mixing skid with a centrifugal pump for mixing and a jet mixing hopper. It is designed as a separated skid for 2 reasons: one is for easy transportation, cause if mounting a mixing hopper on top of tank, it will enhance the height for transportation. The other reason is to leave larger room for the storage tank, cause if the pump is mounted on same skid with tank, it will occupy some space.

As is known to all, Australia and New Zealand have even stricter standards than the USA or Europe, and also some special requests. But GN Solids Control has been working with Australian market for many years, and is quite familiar with those standards. GN is fully capable to meet the needs of clients and provide the satisfactory equipment and systems.