In all solids control systems for oil and gas drilling rigs, for HDD drilling rigs and for TBM machines, the shale shakers are always the first stage for separation. An efficient shale shaker can thoroughly remove all the solids with particle sizes larger than 100 microns by using suitable shaker screens.

Based on certain requested treating capacity, the end user can choose suitable shaker models and quantity. For example, in one of GN Solids Control’s recent project, the end user chose 2 sets of GNZS594 shale shakers and they are designed to be located on same skid, which is called a Tandem Shale Shaker. It’s like a twin sharing some of body parts: mud distributor and pipelines.
Some information about GNZS594F Tandem shale shaker:

1. Shaker screens: each GNZS594F is equipped with 4 pieces of shaker screens, providing a 2.73 square meter screen size. GN applies composite frame shaker screens for all its shale shakers for larger conductance and unblocked screen size. GN has a professional screen producing line with robots for cutting and welding, and GN Shaker screens are fully in compliance with API RP 13C.

2. Shaker vibrators: each shale shaker has 2 sets of vibrating motors, providing a vibrating G force up to 7.5G, and this G force is designed to be adjustable. GN always use international brands vibrators for a stable performance and easier after-sale support.

3. Shake deck. All of GN Solids Control’s shaker decks are patented with special sealing design to prevent mud leakage from below screens. And GNZS series shale shakers have stainless steel shaker deck for longer service life.

4. Easy and quick screen change solutions: GN designed the gearwheel for fixing the wedging blocks, it greatly facilitated the screen change procedure.

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