Ever since President Trump announced and put into action about the customs raise on Chinese goods, the China-US tie weight heavily on the cargoes sailing to USA, because of the added tax by 20%. Even though, GN Solids America is still winning out among shaker screen manufacturers because of the highly cost effective shaker screens they have been providing to the global market during the years.

GN Solids America is the first China based solids control manufacturer in USA, which is located in the technology center of oil and gas industry, Houston. From there, they provided to the market with from stock equipment and shaker screens, clients not only from USA or South America, but also from other countries like Nigeria, Ghana and etc.
Shaker screens are one of GN Solids Control’s main products and also are highly advantaged products from GN Solids Control.

GN’s facilities for making shaker screens:

As the leading solids control manufacturer, GN has established a shaker screen factory in order to better control the screen quality. Early last year, GN has upgraded the screen producing line by using robots for cutting and welding, and has promoted the screen technology by making all frame screens including screen for GN own shaker models or for Mongoose and Cobra type into composite material frames.

How to define a good quality shaker screen? There are several points:

1. The correct API number is quite important. A accurate API Number is fatal for operator to choose the right screen and ensures a satisfactory rig site performance. All GN Shaker Screens were tested in API in USA and the result was perfect.

2. Conductance and non blocked area on screens is key to a higher treating capacity with same hole size on screens. By using the composite material frame, the useful area on screens and conductance of GN Screens are greatly enhanced.

3. Composite material frame is more human oriented and much safer for the operators. Besides, the composite material frame screens could be stocked for longer time.

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