GN’s professional separation solutions are expanding to new applications more than solids control and waste management in oil and gas industry. Recently, more and more construction projects are cooperating with GN Solids Control for solutions. Just now, GN finished the fabrication of a new set of dewatering system for construction slurry treatment, with end user from America.

This construction slurry separation system contains several modules, for different phases for separation or preparation for separation, as following:

Module 0: hopper module for collecting material. The construction slurry always comes from the bucket trucks, that’s why there is a bigger hopper needed here for effectively receiving the materials discharged directly from the truck.

Module 1: Coarse shaker module. This shaker uses coarse meshes with big openings measured in centimeters, in order to separate out the big rocks or other debris.

Module 2: fine shaker module. Fine shaker module uses finer screen meshes, normally, by using suitable size mesh, it can choose out particles bigger than 100 microns. Those screens always contains two or three layers of mesh cloths, the bottom layer gives supporting for the upper one/ones, while by different combination of the upper 2 layers, various mesh numbers for fine separation is achieved.

Module 3: desilter module, which is used to separate out the particles from 20 to 40 microns, by using desilter cyclones with 4 inch diameter.

Module 4: Decanter centrifuge module. The decanter centrifuge is quite impressive in operation for separate out all particles from 2 to 5 microns. The liquid discharged by centrifuge would be quite clear, while the solids are dry enough for transportation. A VFD controlled centrifuge could be adjusted per jobsite condition.

If you need more information, welcome to contact GN Solids Control or GN Solids America.