As is known to all, SINOPEC is one of the 3 largest oil companies in China. They explore crude oil fields, do the drillings and also involved in HDD projects. In fact, HDD is short for horizontal directional drilling, which is widely used for pipeline laying works without destruction of the constructions on ground. During HDD drilling, the mud clarifying systems are also important. GN Solids Control has been a stable Vendor for SINOPEC for years and recently, GN delivered two sets of mud cleaning system for SINOPEC.

Here are the details:

1. Mud cleaning system with a capacity of 240 cbm per hour.

It is a high configuration of mud system with 4 stages of solids control equipment including 2 sets of shale shakers GNZS703F, 1 set of GNZS70F-2S12N mud cleaner, big bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW554EP-VFD. And in this system there is a jet mud hopper for adding and mixing chemicals needed during drilling.

2. Mud cleaning system with a capacity of 120 cbm per hour.

This system is using about more than half equipment of the above mentioned one,  which contains 1 set of GNZS703F shale shaker, 1 sets of mud cleaner GNZS70F-1S8N (a mud cleaner with 1 of 10 inch diameter desander cone and 8 nos of 4 inch diameter desilter cones and sharing one underflow shaker), and a middle speed centrifuge GNLW452D with 18 inch diameter bowl. And same as the bigger system, this system is equipped with a mud mixing unit, too.

Comparing with the high configuration mud cleaning systems, GN Solids Control also has economic ones available, also quite compact in structure. Those compact ones are called desanding units, with 2 separating stages of shale shaker and desanding cyclones, and a single small catch tank on below. It is also used beside a mud tank and sometimes need a separate mud mixing hopper. This compact system is more used for piling or pipe jacking.
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