1. How much do you know about decanter centrifuges?

Yes, it is an efficient machine used for separate out the particle size from the liquid. It is designed to have quite high speed to generate a high G force and the liquid phase will be splashed to the centrifuge bowl inside while the solids fall to the bottom of bowl and pushed by the impeller to the solids discharge.

2. Centrifuges applications:

Centrifuges are widely used in different applications for nearly all the liquid and solids separation projects, including the food industry, beverage industry, edible oil industry and other waste treatment industries. For example in the waste water separation plants, the decanter centrifuges may not separate the material into clean water, but it can help a lot to reduce the burden of the sequencing equipment’ s work by separate out the particles from 2 to 5 microns thoroughly.

3. Advantages of GN Centrifuges:

GN Solids Control has more than 10 years of experiences to make decanter centrifuges, and GN Solids Control’s centrifuges are covering a large size range from 9 inch diameter bowl to 30 inch diameter bowl. And the bowl length-diameter ratio ranges from 2 to 4, in order to be suitable for different applications. As a leading separation solution provider, besides decanter centrifuge, GN Solids Control also makes shale shaker, mud cleaner, vertical cuttings dryer and various pumps. GN has a workshop especially for decanter centrifuges with 2 sets of dynamic balancing machines, middle speed one and high speed one. All rotating parts, like the centrifuge bowl and impeller, are well balanced individually, then as a whole after assembled in order to achieve the best performance of the centrifuges. That’s why GN Solids Control’s centrifuges are sold to more than 70 countries in the world. Links below is from a Jobsite in a Power Plant, with GN Centrifuges.

4. Power plant Jobsite with GN Centrifuges: