In the coming September, the yearly No Dig Down Under exhibition will be held in Melbourne, in Australia.

no dig down under

GN Solids Control will send their Asia Pacific sales team to attend this year’s exhibition with following equipment:

1. GNZS752 shale shaker. This shale shaker is a mini shaker mostly used for the Non- oil and gas industry, it has 2 pieces of composite material frame screens with total screen area of 1.35 square meters. It is first step for separation the mud for both HDD and piling, or even used in oil and gas industry. Besides this shaker model, GN Solids Control also has other shaker models with 3 pieces of shaker screens, GNZS703 Shale shaker. With 4 pieces of screens model GNZS594, and also double deck shale shaker with totally 6 piece of shaker screens, GNZS706. In order to make the shale shaker more efficient, to collect more drilling fluids and make the solids discharge drier, GN Solids Control also designed a ViST device to be used on the last piece of shale shaker, with a negative force, it can help with 30% more fluids recovery.

2. GNLW224 decanter centrifuge. It is one of the baby centrifuge models among GN centrifuge family, the longer one. GNLW223 and GNLW224 are both with 9 inch diameter bowls, with a single motor and belt drive function to have a high speed upto 4000+ GPM. It is widely used for HDD, diamond core drilling and such projects. But most GN centrifuge products are bigger ones, with 14 inch, 18 inch, 22 inch and even 30 inch bowl diameters. Each year, GN make and sell more than 200 sets of decanter centrifuges and sold to more than 70 countries in the world.

3. Shaker screen is another exhibit GN Solids Control take to this exhibition. By investing in an automatic screen producing line with robot cutting and welding, by using high quality material as steel bars, rubbers and wire meshes, GN are providing to clients the internationally highest standard shaker screens for traditional shakers of GN own brand and other main brands.

See you at GN Booth, booth No. 009+011, from September 11th to 13th In Melbourne.