Nigeria, as one of the most important oil fields owner in North Africa, is developing very rapidly. Meanwhile, the responsible government never neglects the importance of environment protection during exploring the oil and gas. In Nigeria, since years ago, one international oil company was fined with big penalty because of environmental issues. That was a lesson to all players in the oil and gas industry.

In Nigeria, along side each drilling rig, there must be a set of drilling cuttings waste management system to work along. For one thing, the drilling cuttings could be dried in order to become less harmful and easy for being transported, for the other thing, it will helps with reduce the cost by returning as much as drilling fluids back to drilling system.
GN drilling cuttings waste management system has been working in Nigeria for many years. Before, drilling companies has to hire another oil service company to provide such service, but as they got to know GN, they planned and made it into reality that they establish their own waste management system, now there are tens of such systems from GN are running in this country:

1. GNCD930 Vertical cuttings dryer. It is quite perfect solution for OBM and some end users are use it for WBM also, it could reduce the OOC to 5% below.

2. Decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG-VFD, a high speed decanter centrifuge for separating out the particles from 2 to 5 microns, which is used to further treat the liquid phase from the vertical cuttings dryer. Besides the 14 inch bowl diameter models, GN has also other sizes as 18 inch, 22 inch and 30 inch.

3. Equipment for transferring the drilling cuttings. Before, GN use the screw conveyor to collect the cuttings from solids control system and transfer it to VG dryers. Now GN Solids Control has come up with a new solution: vacuum pump, which is also called cuttings pump or solids pump, GN has a portable designed cuttings pump, with compact structure and powerful capability.

If you need more information, welcome to contact GN freely.