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TVS1B Screen For Nov Brandt VSM300 Shaker Scalping Deck

Pretension frame shaker screen for Nov Brandt VSM300 Shaker Scalping Deck

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TVS1B Pretension frame shaker screen is made from Pretension frame with stainless steel wire mesh. Those replacement shaker screens are compatible with NOV Brandt shale shaker VSM300 Scalping Deck.

API RP 13 C Specifications table For TVS1B Shaker Screen

No.API No.Mesh TypeD100 Cut Point(um)Conductance (kD/mm)NBA (Sq.Ft)
1、 API 10 GLA010 1957 40.92 4.6
2、 API 20 GLA020 809 10.88 4.6
3、 API 35 GLA035 538 9.69 4.6
4、 API 40 GLA040 439 8.64 4.6
5、 API 50 GLA050 285 5.17 4.6
6、 API 60 GRA060 268 4.1 4.6
7、 API 70 GRA070 203 3.33 4.6
8、 API 80 GRA080 193 2.76 4.6
9、 API 100 GRA100 164 2.66 4.6

NOV, Brandt,Cobra,King Cobra, Mini Cobra, Venom, LCM-2D, LCM-3, D380, VSM are trademarks of National Oil Varco Company.

Standard API RP 13C
Dimension 933x674mm
Non-Blanked Area 4.6 Sq.Ft
Compatible Shaker NOV Brandt VSM300 Scalping Deck
Screen Type Frame Type
Frame/Plate Material Pretension
Wire Mesh shape Flat Screen
Wire Mesh Material Stainless Steel
API No. API 10 to API 70
Mud Type OBM, SBM, WBM
Mud Temperature Resistant to 140 C degree
Package 1 Piece in 1 Carbon box
Shipping Package Wood pallet with Wood top Cover and wrapped by plastic, suitable for shipping by air or by sea.
Package & Label Optional in GN LOGO or Neutral
GN LOGO means the package and label with GN company LOGO
Neutral means the package and label without company information.
Remarks Customized Package and Label is only available for big quantity.

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